Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Report from Vance Nevada "Breaking News on outing of the FIXED EVENTS AT OLYMPICS

Last evening I had the opportunity to watch some of the CTV coverage of the 2010 Olympic Games from Vancouver. Certainly there is a great deal of excitement and patriotic fanfare around this event. It was great to see that Canada has already secured at least one gold medal early in the games much to the delight of all. Other athletes - including women's hockey are already showing some strong performances early on which could lead to a gold medal in the coming weeks.

I was particularly entranced by the pairs figure skating competition last evening. There was a lot of grace, style, and the years of training and sacrifice put in by these athletes was immediately apparent. However, after watching a few duos take to the ice, I started to get a sneaking suspicion that what I was witnessing might be choreographed. As I watched some more, I was certain ... these Olympic level athletes had pre-planned their performance. They knew before they left the locker room last night EXACTLY what they were going to do out in front of the paying audience. I am sorry to have to be the one to break the news on this one, but ... FIGURE SKATING IS FAKE!!

I know that there are surely some passionate skating enthusiasts out there who are upset and perhaps a little disillusioned right now. By all means, figure skating is a big business and entertains thousands, perhaps millions of people each year ... but the routines are scripted, the moves rehearsed, and the sequences designed to illicit a desired reaction from the paying audience at select moments of the show. Wait a minute ... this is starting to sound an awful lot like PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!

Let me remind you all that professional wrestling has come under scrutiny from the public and the media for decades who have attempted to discredit the merits of the ring sport. Even today, when a casual observer of the mat game wants to challenge the authenticity of the combative sport, invariably the challenge becomes ... "But it's all fake, right? I mean, everything is pre-determined."

So let me ensure that I understand this correctly. For the Olympic Games, a performer will train with a dedicated partner for a year or more, rehearsing the same five minute routine over and over on a daily basis to ensure a picture perfect delivery ONE TIME in front of an audience ... AND, they'll set it to music. This not a recreational dance ... this is an OLYMPIC SPORT. In professional wrestling, a performer may be paired with another athlete that he has never met, often have no opportunity to "rehearse", and get sent out in front of an audience on the same evening, but this is NOT a sport?

Someone explain this to me.

I think that to many attempting to dismiss professional wrestling, they haven't weighed wrestling on its own merits. If one is trying to measure professional wrestling based on the model adopted by boxing or mixed martial arts, perhaps one could argue that wrestling, as it has evolved, falls short of the mark. However, if one suspends their pre-conceived beliefs about professional wrestling and grades it in the context of a sport like pairs figure skating or synchronized swimming, it 's a whole new ball game.

Consider this: Maybe the measure of the talent of a professional wrestler is not based on their win-loss record. Perhaps the industry rates these wrestlers on their ability to deliver a great match against a variety of opponents. Put this in context, how well would a pairs figure skater do if they were sent to the rink with a partner that they had just met that day and had 30 minutes to assemble a routine for their adoring fans. Hmm ...

Recently, I was conversing with an administrator for a Canadian sports hall of fame. When I suggested a nomination for a reputable professional wrestling alumnus, I was curtly told "We don't recognize professional wrestlers". Excuse me? Professional wrestlers, at the top tier, endure a schedule of more than 200 dates per year with a travel schedule more aggressive than any other professional athlete, against a variety of opponents night after night, and observe no "off season". How can mainstream sports museums disregard the contributions of athletes who spend more than 25 years in their field because they don't understand the sport? It's even worse when you consider that some of these administrators will discriminate against athletes in a field which is regulated by a Provincially sanctioned athletic governing body as a "Combative Sport". You gotta be kidding me!

I, myself, am not an enthusiast of figure skating. However, I do respect the training and skill of these athletes. I am a casual observer and could not tell you the difference between a Biellman spin and a Charlotte spiral. I can't distinguish a gold medal performance from a silver medal outing, but I can appreciate that this is an artform unto itself. And though I am not a fan, I still hope that the Canadian athletes in this competition do well.

I also believe that it's high time that professional wrestling, and in particular those Canadian athletes who are plying their trade at all levels of the industry, are extended the same courtesy and respect which is bestowed upon other "choreographed" sports.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I didn't know that dealing with a comment from one Mike Davidson would stir up the crap that it did. Now I don't know him from a hole in the ground, but I am impressed at his bullshit to cover his ineptness.

Here is a man that said that he didnt know his company owed money. WOW. The first thing you learn in business school is "PAY YOUR BILLS". Yes your in business to make money, and we all have times in our lives when we didnt make the money we wanted to.

But to outwardly admit that you didnt have any understanding of what your business was doing, and the bills it didnt pay, and you didnt know that your other partners didnt pay the bills is as my lawyer would say, NO EXCUSE.

What an absolutly rediculous thing to say. "I was unaware of what my partners where doing, and was unaware of the bill that the company owed". Mr Davidson also made a statement that "he was unaware of any financial issues or small claims" that his business had incured.

BUSINESS LESSON # 1 - Even if you are a limited corportation and you sit as a govenor or a shareholder, you are still responsible for all financial obligations. Also if you operate your business with the intent to put your company in a precarious financial position, you are then criminaly and legaly responsible.

Now, the comment Mr Davidson came up with , that stirred my pot and lead me to call a Winnipeg radio show and make a comment was "Maybe Marty could self promote another TV show that doesnt air". Well Mr Davidson my business training tells me not to pusrue a business that doesnt make money. There are calculated risks, and yes sometimes you start a business that has a small risk that you can some how mitigate with other revenue streams, but you never enter business with the knowledge that you are going to put your business in a capital deficite from the grass roots phase.

Well Mr Davidson, I will make sure to always look at your business model, and do the exact oppposite. No that doesnt mean I dont produce live wrestling events, or produce said TV show. It means I just dont follow your business practices.

Good luck in the US and Asia, they are larger markets to burn.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I want to thank all our long term friends in the Victoria area who have been waiting for wrestling to come to Victoria. I know that many of you people who I know and talk to everyday ask me , when are you bringing wrestling to town.

Well in the new year I promise to bring wrestling back to Victoria and many other cities in BC and Canada.

I know in the past I said we would be running shows, but due to one thing or another my plans went sideways.

There will be more news very soon on our updated and revamped site.

Check us out in the coming weeks at

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cross Roads

Wow have I posted on my blog allot lately. I think I am doing it as part of the anxiety of Adam's suicide. I know that for the most part the postings have been more of a ramble than an organized letter.

One of the things that I have not talked about was that Adam and I got together a few days before he committed suicide. Adam had discussed moving to New Zeland. He had discussed how his marriage was over but it was mutual and that he was accepting of the situation.

At this time I have to accept that Adam was telling me the truth, but with his suicide I doubt Adam was being honest with me. I will forgive Adam for that as he was a very private person. It was part of our overall conversation, but the discussion was about a cross roads, and how he was excited about going home.

He had mentioned that he was interested in a project with his dad, and with his sister. I will admit a part of me was disappointed in losing my friendship with Adam. Now I have to admit that I have learned many things from what has happened, and I would not lose anything if Adam had gone to New Zeland with his family, that my relationship would have just been one of long distance.

I had also talked to Adam about my cross roads. I am at place in life where I have choices and those choices and one of those cross roads is what to do with Power Pro Wrestling. I would like to honor Adam in a nice way and do something worth his respect. Everyone had memorial shows in Vancouver and I am sure they are very nice, but I had very private conversations with Adam and we talked about what wrestling should be and can be once again.

I would like to have a memorial show worth his name and ideals of what wrestling is. I am going to talk to a few people and see what can be done, and make a decision with my life once and for all.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weight Off My Chest

Being one day after Adam's funeral service and talking to his family, it seems that I have had a bit of weight off my chest. I sat with Ken and his wife at the service, Ken being MR THUG, and the man I was in the car accident with. More on that in a moment.

I seem to be able to breath a bit today. Maybe its a little easier with the closure of a funeral service. I know that there is another service today, and I asked Ken if he wanted to attend, and he said that he had said his piece. I know that churches are difficult for Ken to enter, not due to his religious beliefs, but his personal beliefs. At least that is the vibe I get from Ken.

The weather isn't the best today, but I look outside and the air is cool, and the air is clean and I wonder what Adam is doing. Some time ago, Adam had mentioned to me that his dream was to work in the video division for WWE and spend the rest of his life making DVDs with obscure matches and themes. With Adams creativity I am sure he would have made some interesting DVD's for Vince to sell.

Now just so all of you know, Ken was the driver in an accident that I was in several weeks ago with Adam. We where traveling home from a wrestling show in Campbell River and while we were driving home a 600 lb six point, two sector Elk that stood over 10ft tall hit the van that Ken was driving. Now I have to say this, Ken saved our lives. His defensive driving experience aloud me to come home the next day.

Yesterday that is all that ran through my head, how did we live through it just for Adam to take his life a few weeks later. Now Ken did mention something to me that I agreed with, and that he believed that his defensive driving skills gave Adam more time with his son, and I totally agree with that.

Now, I have put allot of thought into some things that have happened over the last few days. Two memorial shows for Adam, his service, offers to help offset the cost of his funeral and a fund to start an education fund for Adams son Thomas.

I am not sure where i stand on helping those funds as I have some personal issues that are entwined with the church that Adam was a member of. The Mormon church tends to take tithing from people income and I am not interested in supporting a fund that could possibly be raided for the benefit a religious organization that I am not to fond of. If it can be shown to me that the fund will not be touched, then I will make every effort to help that cause.

I am glad I rediscovered my blog, as it has acted as a sound board for me to talk to. I am not sure how many people are logging on to my site anymore, but it feels good to get this out and off my chest.

With all that said today, I am going to sit back, watch some CFL and NFL football today and relax and remember my friend Adam.

Shaun Myall

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Healing for Adams family and friends.

Today was a difficult day. It was Adams funeral. I am very angry, upset and confused. I met Adams family today, they are absolutely destroyed at the fact that Adam is no longer with us.

Now, I am not religious nor do I have any affiliations with organized religion. I can see how people will use church to help them deal with their grief and emotions. Now I am not educated in the world of religion, but I do have faith, and I also know that there is a reason for us all being here.

But what entwined Ken, Adam and myself to have this bond at the end of Adams life? Was the accident means to Adams end? Was it really designed by god? What is the moral to the story?

Is the moral "Live passionately as Adam did, and I will take your life and your son away from you"? I don't think so. I sure hope not. Now I am at a cross road. There is another issue that I have to deal with and accept. Why did he do it, and I will never know. For Adam his decision was made and its final. For me I will always wonder why. It is my nature. I won't ask questions of the family, its wrong to do so. I just hope that the families can move from this day, do what they need to heal, and take some solace in the fact that Adam IS and ALWAYS will be remembered.

Thank you for all the laughs Adam.

Shaun Myall

Friday, November 13, 2009

See you again Adam.

This is a little letter to a friend.


What is the definition of a father - the founder of a family.

What is the definition of a Son – a male child; the male offspring of a parent father and mother.

What is the definition of a brother – a male with the same parents as another child, sibling or a relative you share your life with.

What is the definition of a husband - a married man; a woman's partner in marriage

What is the definition of a friend - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

What is the definition of brotherhood - brotherhood, fraternity, sodality
people engaged in a particular occupation, the feeling that men should treat one another like brothers.

What is the definition of friendship - the state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity

Those are the definitions of a typical person, but we all know that Adam was far and away more then those basic definitions of a person.

What is in a name – For some a name fits and it can easily describe one person. For Adam it was an exact fit. According to Genesis in the Old Testament - Adam created from the earth by God, or of the Earth, It can also be derived from Hebrew name ADAM meaning "to be red" which is ironic as his wrestling trunks where red.

As I write about Adam, I am just starting to understand the things that Adam believed in….. We should learn from Adam, start to look at ourselves and take things from Adam and apply them to our lives and learn from him, become the brother, son, father, husband, friend that he is.

Just scratching the surface of Adam, I am just starting to understand his passion, love, respect that defined him as the great person he is. Passion , that word so aptly describes Adam, and how he took on life. When I met Adam, I could tell quickly he had passion for the activities he pursued in life, such as his family, for his son.

One of our activities that started to become part of our friendship was the search for that DVD for his son. Now I am sure Adam enjoyed watching the DVD he would find just as much as, or even more so than his son Thomas. I can see them both sitting or laying on the floor watching Transformers. I can see Adam, once the DVD was finished of course, going getting the box of Transformers out and acting out the Transformers DVD that he and his son just enjoyed together.

That is what impressed me the most about Adam. That he was a father first. I am not impressed by the ropes he climbed or the things he said. But let me say this, I am impressed with who he was as a father. His passion for his son was what made me admire him so much. Adam was many things to many people, but I closing let me say this.

Adam is and always will be
A Friend
A Son
A Brother
A Husband
And a Father.

Talk to you again soon Adam. You will be greatly missed by people who loved you more, but I will miss you just the same.